Workshop Application 2017

The 2017 Convergence hosts a variety of speakers, workshops, skill shares, exhibits, interactive discussions and much more. We invite your participation! To apply to offer a workshop, please complete and submit your application in the form below.

Workshop presenters will receive a 30% discount to Convergence registration; once your workshop is accepted, you will receive a discount code to register. If you are needing any more financial assistance, please apply to Work Trade or our Equity and Inclusion Fund

Convergence Theme:

Cultivating Unity in a Divided World:

Workshop Tracks

We are currently looking for workshops with the following themes, and more:

Skill Shares:  Hands-On and experiential demonstrations, such as fermenting, medicine making, composting, homesteading skills, etc.

Ecological Stewardship & Regenerative Design: water, soil, fire, air, broadacre permaculture, ecosystems restoration, climate change challenges & solutions

Resilient Homes & Neighborhoods: Urban permaculture,  urban/suburban neighborhood redesign, placemaking, natural building, community farms, ecovillages, intentional communities, land use ownership and policies
, solutions to gentrification and displacement, disaster preparedness

Leadership & Organizational Development: Personal leadership skills, capacity building for organizations, fundraising, marketing, partnerships, collaboration, dynamic self-governance, holacracy, social permaculture, Transition initiatives, movement building initiatives

Regenerative Business & New Economy: Right livelihood, social entrepreneurship, business skills, new economies, alternative currencies, financial permaculture

Food: Food sheds, food production, food forests, food justice, slow food, growing food, seed saving, food preparation… anything to do with food and how we feed ourselves.

Spiritual Health & Inner Resilience: Tending the inner landscapes, healing work, grief work, esoteric traditions, yoga, dance, and other movement or embodiment practices

Women Centered Solutions: Workshops lead by women, women’s issues, feminine leadership, success stories & challenges from women’s leadership

Next Generation (Youth): Workshops from, for and about youth; from school-based programs to youth leadership to youth presenters.

To apply to offer a workshop, please complete and submit your application in the form below.