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  • Matt Drewno A Strategy To Growing More Food In Your Zone 1

    A Strategy for Growing More Food In Your Zone 1: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Method

    The GROW BIOINTENSIVE method works to stabilize both current and future food systems by producing a complete diet and growing soil fertility 60x faster than nature with 90% fewer inputs, organic methodology, and appropriate technology. In doing so, we are able to inspire and empower …

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  • Edible Plant Diversity

    Access The Abundance of Edible Plant Diversity: From Backyard to Global Resources

    John will explain how to choose from thousands of possible plant selections for use in our regenerative landscapes, and where to find them. Learn how to source from back yard plant swaps to commercial nurseries and international germplasm repositories, including legalities, precautions, ethics, and building …

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  • Bird Language

    Bird Language & Permaculture

    One of the most important skills of a trained Permaculture designer is observation. Over the last 11 years, Weaving Earth has been focusing heavily on the practice of Bird Language – listening and watching what the birds are telling us about the eco-system. To truly …

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  • Brennan

    Brennan Blazer Bird

    Brennan Blazer Bird is an ecological educator, natural builder, and solutioncrafter who has led a diverse array of artistic and ecological projects around the world. For the past 5 years Brennan has taught youth and community members to transform plastic waste into an artistic community-gathering …

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  • Buuilding A Pallettable Cobin

    Building a “Palletable” Cobin

    Have you wanted to learn Natural Building? Learn hands-on with Miguel “Sir Cobalot” Elliott during two workshops: 1) Miguel will be sharing the process of building a small hut built out of pallets, insulated with straw, covered in an earthen cob plaster, called a “Palletable …

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  • Transition Streets

    Building Resilient Neighborhoods with Transition Streets

    Transition Streets is a neighbor-led project to reduce household energy and water use, build resilient local food systems, and build community resilience and increase social cohesion on your street. It takes the systemic thinking of Transition & Permaculture and breaks it down into a simple …

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  • Caleb Gordon

    Caleb Gordon

    Caleb Gordon is the garden manager and intern coordinator at the Solar Living Institute. He has been living and working at the institute for three years where he is learning and practicing different techniques in sustainable living. His passions are teaching and learning new and …

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  • Cara Saunders 2016

    Cara Saunders

    Cara Saunders became an herbalist after a degree in Forestry and Environmental Science and many years as a community organizer working for human rights and environmental justice. Her passion is help people connect with nature and empower people to take care of their own health …

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  • Carolyne Stayton Photo

    Carolyne Stayton

    Carolyne Stayton is the Executive Director of Transition US (the national hub of the international Transition Towns Movement). She has an advanced degree in nonprofit management and her background includes serving as Director of New College’s North Bay Campus of Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community, …

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  • DaveHageHeadshot220x265

    David Hage

    Dave Hage is a Co-Founder of the Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education, and he is a facilitator for the WE Immersion 9-month program. He brings a deep love of the earth, humanity, creativity, and possibility into everything he does. He is a dedicated leader …

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  • Designing For Water

    Designing for Water – Tools and Techniques

    How much rain can you catch? In this hands on workshop we will work on-site to learn the tools and techniques of rain-water harvesting. We will find water storage potential of structures, discover the contours of the landscape, and identify “key-points” of catchment, storage, and …

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  • Maya Blow FoodasMedicine.jpg

    Food As Medicine

    Many of our most common garden weeds contain highly valuable medicinal properties. These wayside weeds living all around us possess special nutritional and healing powers that often surpass cultivated plants. Traditionally these medicines were eaten as foods in cultures across the globe. In this workshop …

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  • Amanita Muscaria 1660163 1920

    Good Fungi, Happy Plants

    Learn how to promote the beneficial fungi called mycorrhizae to increase the health, quality, and yields of vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Mycorrhizae can increase yields by as much as 1500%. They are an important part of the soil food web. There are ways to promote …

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  • Ozzi Kleen Residential Grey Water Treatment Diagram

    Grey Water-ReUse

    In this time of drought it is more important than ever to appreciate our access to clean water and to consider using it twice when it is safe and legal to do so. You will get an overview of how easy it is to create …

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  • Cara Saunders Herbs For First Aid E1472955509552

    How to Use Local Plants for First Aid and Home Remedies

    Join herbalist Cara Saunders, founder of Bear Wallow Herbs, to explore native plants and abundant weeds in Northern California that can be used as first aid remedies to heal cuts, bruises, sprains, burns, stings, colds, flu, infections, headaches, insomnia, and many more common illnesses and …

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    Ivan Sawyer

    Event producer, Environmental and social entrepreneur. Ivan is also facilitator of Art of Hosting and collective intelligence work; Dragon Dreaming (collaborative project design) and Nonviolent Communication. He is certified as Sustainable Human Settlements Designer by Gaia Education. Among other things Ivan has been participating in …

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  • Crystal Huang Leadership And Innovation Embodiment

    Leadership and Innovation Embodiment

    In partnership with the NorCal Community Resilience Network: Are you leading a grassroots organization or just new to the scene? FUTURE-READY NOW! is the Leadership Training for Powerful Co-Creators of the Planet. In this workshop, you will practice new ways to be more creative, generative, …

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  • LeeBigSur8 Copy

    Lee Klinger

    Dr. Lee Klinger is an independent scientist living in Big Sur, California. Since 2005 he has served as director of Sudden Oak Life, a movement aimed at using ecologically-based techniques to address the problem of oak mortality in California and elsewhere. Dr. Klinger has over …

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  • Maya2

    Maya Blow

    Maya Blow is an herbalist and classical homeopath practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She studied herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies in Northern California and also completed four years of homeopathic medical school at the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy in …

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  • IMG 0854

    Miguel “Sir Cobalot” Elliott

    Miguel Elliott, knighted as “Sir Cobalot” has been leading cob workshops, teaching in schools, and running his business Living Earth Structures for over 12 years. His vast array of projects include building an organic nightclub and yoga studio in downtown Chicago, building a mushroom shaped …

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