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    Aaron Fernando

    Aaron Fernando works with Bay Bucks, a local currency and business community in the Bay Area of California. He is now passionate about money reform and believes that local currencies address a wide range of problems including inequality, environmental degradation, and the erosion of social …

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  • Edible Plant Diversity

    Access The Abundance of Edible Plant Diversity: From Backyard to Global Resources

    John will explain how to choose from thousands of possible plant selections for use in our regenerative landscapes, and where to find them. Learn how to source from back yard plant swaps to commercial nurseries and international germplasm repositories, including legalities, precautions, ethics, and building …

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  • Bridget OBrien Adapt3

    Adapt – A Permaculture Game “Create a world you want to live in.”

    Each choice we make is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. The mission of ‘Adapt – A Permaculture Game’ is to educate individuals and groups how to design in the ethics and principles of Permaculture to each aspect of …

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  • Alpha Lo

    Chinese Galactic Cosmonaut Alpha Lo is co-editor and co-author of the Open Collaboration Encyclopedia. He also helped to found the Gift Circle Network, and has created a number of social and economic architectures, amongst them Facilitator Improv, Empathic Dashboard, Sorry Circles, Coupon currencies, and the …

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  • AnneKreilkamp

    Ann Kreilkamp

    Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. Philosophy, 1973, Boston University, is the founder and co-leader of the Green Acres Urban Village, now seven years old and evolving rapidly. Ann took the PDC course in 2007, and is the founder and blogger for the well-received website. 2016 Convergence …

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  • Anna Purna E1472754500482

    Anna Purna

    Anna Purna has lived in giant redwood trees to prevent them from being cut down, planted trees with children at their schools, converted diesel buses and trucks to run on vegetable oil and started a garden program at her daughters school. 2016 Convergence Workshop: There …

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  • Ayako Nagano 5

    Ayako Nagano

    Ayako Nagano is an attorney, entrepreneur and a community organizer. Ayako is a frequent volunteer at Transition Berkeley and the Northern California Resilience Network. She presently serves on the Board of ZenPlay, a charitable organization that crowd-sources funds to help under-served children both locally and …

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  • DiverseHands

    Beyond the Culture of Separation

    Beyond the Culture of Separation uses an innovative approach and interactive learning modalities to expand white-identified participants’ capacities to work toward a racially equitable society. Because shame and isolation are integral aspects of white socialization, our approach is grounded in encouragement and community building. We …

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  • Dr Bob Randall E1473475736571

    Bob Randall

    Bob Randall, Ph.D. was the founding Executive Director of Urban Harvest, Inc. in Houston, TX. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA). His Southeast Texas food gardening book is in its 12 edition. He has been …

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  • Bridget OBrien

    Bridget O’Brien

    As a caring steward of life Bridget O’Brien strives to explore resilience through many pathways. Her studies and work focus on self-care, social, and land-use design. While utilizing her diverse skills, experiences, and trainings to provide a wholistic approach to culture repair. Bridget shares her passion for playful …

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  • Transition Streets

    Building Resilient Neighborhoods with Transition Streets

    Transition Streets is a neighbor-led project to reduce household energy and water use, build resilient local food systems, and build community resilience and increase social cohesion on your street. It takes the systemic thinking of Transition & Permaculture and breaks it down into a simple …

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  • Carmen Gonzales

    Carmen Gonzales

    Carmen is a Permaculture Designer and Environmental Scientist who has been  dedicated to protecting water, land and people through her work for the past 16 years. Carmen has always walked in two worlds. Carmen grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona and in …

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  • Carolyne Stayton Photo

    Carolyne Stayton

    Carolyne Stayton is the Executive Director of Transition US (the national hub of the international Transition Towns Movement). She has an advanced degree in nonprofit management and her background includes serving as Director of New College’s North Bay Campus of Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community, …

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  • ChazHead

    Chaz Peling

    Chaz’s passion and knowledge comes from working in the solar energy field for over seven years, as well as having been a pioneer in the alternative energy for off-grid living segment in the 1980’s. He is a life-long entrepreneur, starting and advising three successful business. …

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  • Chris Reamer

    Christopher Reamer is a permaculture landscaper and educator with a prevailing focus on water conservation and ecological land design. He has worked extensively with the development of greywater, rainwater and high-efficiency irrigation in Sonoma and Marin counties, CA, and has instructed water conservation workshops for …

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  • Christian Stalberg

    Christian Stalberg

    Christian Stalberg currently manages Enersim, Ltd., a building energy performance simulation and training company. His interest in sustainability, i.e. ecovillages, comes from having grown up off the grid and a 10+ year career in disaster recovery and hazard mitigation where he worked with both the …

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  • Sunil Nair TheNeighborFoodNetwork E1472864795790

    Cogarden: The NeighborFood Network

    The Cogarden platform enables a ‘Do It Together’ food gardening experience. Connecting food growers that share fence, or are miles from each other. Cogardeners help in creating a Community to Consumer food supply chain, that makes neighborhoods resilient, and culturally diverse. Sunil, Founder, Cogarden will …

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  • Megan ONeil CommunityChoiceEnergy E1473207306604

    Community Choice Energy: A Pathway to Resilient, Energy-Secure Communities

    As the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change become more pronounced, Community Choice energy can be a powerful vehicle for democratizing energy, spurring local sustainable economic development, and building more resilient communities. This workshop will consist of a 20 minute slide presentation followed …

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  • Community Resilience Emergency Preparedness Nils Palsson Larry Goldberg E1473292949532

    Community Resilience = Emergency Preparedness

    How resilient is your community? How ready are you for the natural and man-made disasters and disruptions that inevitably accompany climate change? Did you know that our work in permaculture, homesteading, and building resilient community is also disaster preparedness work? Join this vibrant discussion about …

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