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    Aaron Fernando

    Aaron Fernando works with Bay Bucks, a local currency and business community in the Bay Area of California. He is now passionate about money reform and believes that local currencies address a wide range of problems including inequality, environmental degradation, and the erosion of social …

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  • Aaron Headshot 2015

    Aaron Lehmer-Chang

    Aaron Lehmer-Chang, who comes out of the San Francisco Bay Area’s social and environmental justice movement, is a veteran of fair trade fights. He participated in the “Battle of Seattle” in 1999 where union members, environmentalists, and global justice activists shut down the World Trade …

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    Alejandra Liora Adler

    Alejandra Liora Adler, CEO, is a visionary social actionist facilitator, psychologist, holistic nutritionist, event organizer, photographer and dancer. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s she explored intentional and traditional communities as a means to create a basis for a culture that provided both for physical needs …

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  • Alpha Lo

    Chinese Galactic Cosmonaut Alpha Lo is co-editor and co-author of the Open Collaboration Encyclopedia. He also helped to found the Gift Circle Network, and has created a number of social and economic architectures, amongst them Facilitator Improv, Empathic Dashboard, Sorry Circles, Coupon currencies, and the …

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  • aManda Greene

    aManda was raised between the Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Her bi-cultural upbringing has had a strong influence in her believes, values and how those manifest through her work in the world. This led her to spend a decade between Santa Fé New …

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  • Andrew Baskin

    Andrew Baskin

    Serving as Student Representative on SAEA’s Steering Council and the External Advisory Board of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis, Andrew K. Baskin pioneered original research as a McNair Scholar with departmental honors while earning his B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems. The …

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  • Asa

    Asa Schaeffer

    Asa Schaeffer is an innovative medical cannabis entrepreneur and industry expert. He meticulously follows all aspects of his medication, from genetics to end user product, with the attention to detail and expertise that only an expert with 10+ years of experience can provide.   Asa …

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  • Brennan

    Brennan Blazer Bird

    Brennan Blazer Bird is an ecological educator, natural builder, and solutioncrafter who has led a diverse array of artistic and ecological projects around the world. For the past 5 years Brennan has taught youth and community members to transform plastic waste into an artistic community-gathering …

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  • Bryan Arturo

    Bryan Arturo

    Bryan Arturo is a permaculture land steward working at East End Eden in Ojai, CA. After studying Business Management & Entrepreneurship in Chicago, he worked at regenerative projects and facilitated socially impactful gatherings throughout Latin America. Bryan supported NuMundo‘s global impact center database since it’s …

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  • Adrian Carroll PermacultureAndCannabis

    Cannabis Cultivation: Sustainability Practices for the Future


    Cannabis farming has not embraced sustainable practices, but with the evolving regulations, sustainable farming is becoming more common place. In the past, cannabis farmers have not been considered to be sustainable, let alone farmers. Due to legal and enforcement issues, Cannabis farmers have struggled in …

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  • Catherine Nkolo Lebongo

    Catherine Nkolo Lebongo is a teacher, creative, and activist who is fascinated by how design and social enterprise have the power to elevate everything—from products, to systems, to spaces. As an international, multicultural, woman who studied system nuances and societal constructs, Nkolo teaches the principles …

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  • ChazHead

    Chaz Peling

    Chaz’s passion and knowledge comes from working in the solar energy field for over seven years, as well as having been a pioneer in the alternative energy for off-grid living segment in the 1980’s. He is a life-long entrepreneur, starting and advising three successful business. …

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  • Chris Tittle

    Chris Tittle

    Director of Organizational Resilience Chris co-leads Sustainable Economies Law Center’s Housing, Commons Governance, and Money & Finance Programs, and coordinates SELC’s grant writing, grassroots fundraising, and internal governance. He is particularly focused on participatory and polycentric governance structures for more just and resilient economies. He …

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  • Christian Stalberg

    Christian Stalberg

    Christian Stalberg currently manages Enersim, Ltd., a building energy performance simulation and training company. His interest in sustainability, i.e. ecovillages, comes from having grown up off the grid and a 10+ year career in disaster recovery and hazard mitigation where he worked with both the …

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  • Sunil Nair TheNeighborFoodNetwork E1472864795790

    Cogarden: The NeighborFood Network

    The Cogarden platform enables a ‘Do It Together’ food gardening experience. Connecting food growers that share fence, or are miles from each other. Cogardeners help in creating a Community to Consumer food supply chain, that makes neighborhoods resilient, and culturally diverse. Sunil, Founder, Cogarden will …

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  • CollabEcon

    Collaborative Economy

    What are the ways in which we can cooperate and collaborate to make a stronger, more resilient economy? How can we ensure that we are integrating economics within the greater context of life and what is important? Koreen is a businesswoman and farm owner who …

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  • Megan ONeil CommunityChoiceEnergy E1473207306604

    Community Choice Energy: A Pathway to Resilient, Energy-Secure Communities

    As the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change become more pronounced, Community Choice energy can be a powerful vehicle for democratizing energy, spurring local sustainable economic development, and building more resilient communities. This workshop will consist of a 20 minute slide presentation followed …

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  • Crystal Huang E1471722945585

    Crystal Huang

    Crystal employs strategy and implements operations for organizations working on building regenerative systems. She has worked in variety of sectors, including public, private, and development sectors, driving strategy decisions for startups, non-profits and C-suite. Her experience in sustainability consists of resource recovery, energy management, and …

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    Daisy Ozim

    Daisy Ozim, is the Director of Resilient Wellness, a holistic health education and services program. In addition she is a co-founder of Earth Healing Collective. She has been involved in community based outreach and advocacy and civic youth engagement, since her late teens. As a …

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  • Davidcasey 768x509

    David Casey

    David Casey is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Political Economy of Industrial Societies, with concentrations in Global Poverty & Practice and Energy & Resources. David has lived and worked in seven countries in Latin America, where he has built an extensive network of connections …

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