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  • Steven Knopp

    Steven Knopp is a renowned Wilderness survival skills educator , a preparedness , and permaculture consultant and long term self sufficient off-grid homesteader, and a maker of educational videos on these and other related topics, and musician and craftsman, and posses an extraordinary wealth of …

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  • Matthew Nelson

    Matthew Nelson is a movement artist, activist, educator, researcher, therapist, and entrepreneur. Particularly in love with the act of dancing, Matthew experiences movement as a way of aligning energy with form. Eternally curious, Matthew makes opportunities out of questions, and encourages others to do the …

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  • Matt Bibeau

    Matt Bibeau, MSEd, is the Educational Events Director and 13-year contributor to the City Repair Project as a core organizer of the Village Building Convergence (June 1-10, 2018) and a lead instructor of CR’s Urban Permaculture Design Course. Matt also directs the Institute of Permaculture Education for …

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  • Permaculture, Placemaking & Community Building: A Journey into the Possible

    Born from collective desperation for finding ways to employ our human ingenuity and satisfy our deep-seeded yearnings for connection, The City Repair Project has effectively re-written the rules of what is possible in building community, creating a local identity and transforming the urban landscape to …

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  • Karmendra Rossy

      Karmendra Rossy is owner of Nucleus Design, an ecological landscape design/build company, located in West Sonoma County that is committed to creating natural systems for the benefit of all life.             Designing for Water – Tools and Techniques

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  • Wild Food  Foraging Autumn Feast

    Cooking with Acorns: From Foraging to Feasting

    Acorns are an ancient, pre-agricultural staple food common to indigenous cultures throughout the Northern hemisphere. Join us for a hands-on workshop where participants will engage in the process of preparing food from acorn from start to finish. While we pound and leach acorn we will …

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  • Food Forests Wildtending

    Wildtending: Permaculture in Zone 4

    Restore a regenerative reciprocal relationship with Zone 4 and California’s diverse ecology in this interactive talk on wildtending native plants for food, medicine, craft, and biodiversity. California’s uniquely biodiverse ecology has developed over thousands of years through humans interactively managing the landscape. We will discuss …

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  • Brandy Hall

    Brandy Hall

    Brandy founded Shades of Green Permaculture Design, Inc. in 2004 and has become a leading voice for sustainable and regenerative landscape design in the Southeast. Moving from Asheville, NC, to Atlanta in 2011, she began to pollinate the Atlanta area with a whole-systems permaculture perspective, …

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  • Multiracial Human Hands and Earth Planet. North America Continent View.

    International Permaculture CoLab – Advances of the Next Big Step

    Following the update at NAPC last year on the mutli-year, Permaculture Next Big Step process initated at IPC Cuba in 2013 this workshop presents the design for the Permaculture CoLab. The Colab uses sociocracy, leaderfulness, slicing pie, patrix busting, constellation organizing, open badges and enspiral …

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  • permaculture gardening matt powers

    Permaculture Gardening – From Biointensive to Natural Farming

      Learn to apply Permaculture principles and ethics to gardening! You’ll never know what is possible until you know all your options! Explore the full spectrum of options from biointensive to natural farming, organized and explained from a principle-based perspective to facilitate easier adaptation, observation, …

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  • Caleb Gordon

    Caleb Gordon

    Caleb Gordon is the garden manager and intern coordinator at the Solar Living Institute. He has been living and working at the institute for three years where he is learning and practicing different techniques in sustainable living. His passions are teaching and learning new and …

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  • TaraMarchant Biophoto Red

    Tara Marchant

    Tara Marchant is re-defining herself, like many others, in the emerging Green paradigm. As the Local Director for Emerald Cities Bay Area – Oakland Council, Tara is working across a host of stakeholder organizations (public, labor, community and industry and workforce development) to bring a …

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  • Lala

    Why International Permaculture Convergences are Important for PC Global Movement

    For the permaculture community, the International Permaculture Convergences (IPC) are hugely important. Why is there a global permaculture movement? What makes it continue to influence and inspire people, not only in theory, but in hard practical examples of living solutions around the globe? Projects, actual …

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  • Wes Roeee

    Wes Roe

    Wes Roe is a co-founder of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, an educational non-profit founded in 2000 that has sponsored hundreds of workshops and events about permaculture and sustainability to Santa Barbara region. Wes Roe served as board member & President of the Permaculture Credit …

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  • MargieBushman

    Margie Bushman

     Margie Bushman is a co-founder of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, an educational non-profit founded in 2000 that has sponsored hundreds of workshops and events about permaculture and sustainability to Santa Barbara region. Until recently, Margie was the Program Coordinator for the Santa Barbara City …

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  • 450 484231742 Water Cycle Process

    Water Panel

    Presented by: Brock Dohlman, Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty, Christina Bertea, Trethan Heckman Thursday September 15th | 10 AM – 11 AM | Main Stage

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  • Kerry Brady

    Kerry Brady

    Kerry Brady, MA, SEP, supports others in awakening to an embodied recognition of our essential nature and inherent place within the larger unfolding web of life. She is the co-founder and director of Ecology of Awakening, which offers programs focused on collectively Re-Storying ourselves into …

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  • Living Ecology

    Permaculture Projects with Villagers in a Drought Affected Area of India

    This workshop will talk about the permaculture work Living Ecology and Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, hosts of the next International Permaculture Convergence are doing in Telangana, India. They work with the state’s poorest farmers to bring a drought resilient alternative to the GMO crops the villagers …

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  • Brenda Head Shot

    Brenda Quintero

      Brenda brings a strong history in nonprofit management to the Permaculture world. Past work history includes Director of Finance & Operations, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (previously known as International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) and Director of Finance & Administration, The Climate …

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  • Stephanie Maldonado

    Stephanie Maldonado

    Stephanie graduated with her Bachelors in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University where she studied Holistic Health, Urban Development, and Environmental Problems and Solutions. She is a radical activist for the environment, a guerrilla gardner, free-lance herbalist, permaculturalist, and social enterprise entrepreneur. She lives …

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