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  • Bridget OBrien Adapt3

    Adapt – A Permaculture Game “Create a world you want to live in.”

    Each choice we make is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. The mission of ‘Adapt – A Permaculture Game’ is to educate individuals and groups how to design in the ethics and principles of Permaculture to each aspect of …

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  • Liora Headshot HH

    Alejandra Liora Adler

    Alejandra Liora Adler, CEO, is a visionary social actionist facilitator, psychologist, holistic nutritionist, event organizer, photographer and dancer. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s she explored intentional and traditional communities as a means to create a basis for a culture that provided both for physical needs …

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  • Alexa Bernard

    Alexa Bernard

    Alexa has studied consciousness research in college, with a focus on the evolution of consciousness. gained political awareness and activation on the streets of Eugene, and embraced her true calling in the discovery of permaculture. Weaving her experiences and passions together to help develop social …

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  • 71WrPUYd 400x400

    Ana-Marie Jones

    Ana-Marie Jones is the Executive Director of CARD – Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, a nonprofit located in Alameda County, California. Created by local community agencies after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, CARD trains and supports nonprofits and their special needs clients in disaster preparedness, …

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  • Asa

    Asa Schaeffer

    Asa Schaeffer is an innovative medical cannabis entrepreneur and industry expert. He meticulously follows all aspects of his medication, from genetics to end user product, with the attention to detail and expertise that only an expert with 10+ years of experience can provide.   Asa …

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  • Ben Weiss

    Benjamin Weiss

    Benjamin Weiss is a certified permaculture designer and teacher, a father, activist, herbalist, gardener, musician, and writer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ben studied natural building and permaculture at The Farm Ecovillage Training Center, received a permaculture teacher certification from CRMPI, studied urban agriculture at Growing Power, …

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  • DiverseHands

    Beyond the Culture of Separation

    Beyond the Culture of Separation uses an innovative approach and interactive learning modalities to expand white-identified participants’ capacities to work toward a racially equitable society. Because shame and isolation are integral aspects of white socialization, our approach is grounded in encouragement and community building. We …

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  • Brandi Mack

    Brandi Mack

    Brandi Mack is a mother, holistic health educator, therapeutic massage therapist, and permaculture designer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Management and a certification from Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training. Brandi has worked and trained in the youth development sector for 15 years. Brandi …

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  • Bridget OBrien

    Bridget O’Brien

    As a caring steward of life Bridget O’Brien strives to explore resilience through many pathways. Her studies and work focus on self-care, social, and land-use design. While utilizing her diverse skills, experiences, and trainings to provide a wholistic approach to culture repair. Bridget shares her passion for playful …

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  • Jasmine Vassar Bringing Us With You

    Bring Us with You: Engaging Community in Transforming the Food System

    Food insecurity is a reality faced by many low-income urban families, however the food access movement goes beyond developing local gardens, farmers markets, grocery stores, etc. This workshop is for those who are seeking methods on how to engage community members in altering the food …

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  • Building Bridges Paulo Zerbato

    Building Bridges: Creating Connections, Increasing Resilience

    Permaculture addresses some of the most effective solutions to some of the world’s most urgent problems. Yet the movement has not gone mainstream yet. This panel looks at some innovative approaches to building bridges with other sectors and audiences, from governments to the LBGT community …

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  • Authen

    Building Community with Authentic Relating Games

    The Integral Center in Boulder Colorado is a forerunner in developing social technologies that build community, increase relational intelligence, and develop leadership skills. Their immersive courses such as the Authentic Relating Comprehensive, Authentic Leadership and Facilitation Training, and Authentic Man Program transform peoples relationships with …

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  • Main Featurelarge Rob Hopkins Transition Town

    Building Resilient Neighborhoods

    How do we increase our own resilience and strengthen our communities in the midst of instability? How do we support local community projects, leaders and organizations, strengthening collaboration across differences? What do we do when our own lives are busy and full, yet our community …

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  • Governance Circle 300x261

    Can’t We All get What We Want? Governance, Authority, Holacracy and Freedom from Consensus in a Self-Managing Organization

    We’ll start with an interactive exercise: a well-intentioned group of like-minded people unable to get anything done, because everyone wants to have a say in everything, and everyone has to agree on everything. Once we’re all nice and frustrated, Mud Hut will lead a presentation …

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  • Carmen Gonzales

    Carmen Gonzales

    Carmen is a Permaculture Designer and Environmental Scientist who has been  dedicated to protecting water, land and people through her work for the past 16 years. Carmen has always walked in two worlds. Carmen grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona and in …

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  • Collective Consciousness App1 360x240

    Catalyzing the Evolution of Collective Consciousness & Culture Through Design

    If we believe that permaculture can save the world, then it is social permaculture that can implement this on a grander scale. It is social permaculture that can go beyond the linear process of paradigm transitioning, to truly address the core issues we face, not …

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  • Chris Tittle

    Chris Tittle

    Director of Organizational Resilience Chris co-leads Sustainable Economies Law Center’s Housing, Commons Governance, and Money & Finance Programs, and coordinates SELC’s grant writing, grassroots fundraising, and internal governance. He is particularly focused on participatory and polycentric governance structures for more just and resilient economies. He …

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  • Christopher Kuntzsch

    Christopher Kuntzsch

    Christopher is a leadership and life coach, facilitator, workshop leader, and Founding Co-Director of Ecology of Leadership Programs at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California. Along with decades of deep nature connection and ceremonial work, he also served as a biologist on dozens of …

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  • Co Active Leadership

    Co-Active Leadership

    Pachamama Alliance works in partnership with the Achuar, an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest, to protect and preserve their ancestral lands. Part of that work is “changing the dream of the modern world” to one that honors and sustains life. The Co-Active Leadership Model from …

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  • Collaboration: Laying a foundation for Change with NVC

    Join us for a highly interactive introduction to NVC and explore more efficient collaboration strategies. We are creating a world where everyone’s needs matter and people have the skills to make peace. Awaken greater self-compassion, create opportunities for choice, and experience more satisfying relationships with …

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