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  • Christian Stalberg

    Christian Stalberg

    Christian Stalberg currently manages Enersim, Ltd., a building energy performance simulation and training company. His interest in sustainability, i.e. ecovillages, comes from having grown up off the grid and a 10+ year career in disaster recovery and hazard mitigation where he worked with both the …

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  • Screen Shot 2016 08 20 At 10.58.45 PM

    Love, Leadership and the Sacred

    In these turbulent times – with many of our hearts stretched and breaking – what is the most potent inner source for our leadership toward that more beautiful world our hearts know is possible? How do we find, cultivate and lead from that source, while …

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  • Christopher Kuntzsch

    Christopher Kuntzsch

    Christopher is a leadership and life coach, facilitator, workshop leader, and Founding Co-Director of Ecology of Leadership Programs at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California. Along with decades of deep nature connection and ceremonial work, he also served as a biologist on dozens of …

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  • Brennan Solar Cooking And Drying 0 1

    Appropriate Cooking Technology: The Fossil-Fuel-Free Meal!

    Come learn how to use appropriate cooking technologies such as solar cookers and fuel-efficient rocket stoves to cook a completely fossil-fuel-free meal! Everyday enough sunlight hits the earth to exceed world annual energy demand several times over! Solar thermal energy is a readily available and …

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