Rainwater Harvesting: Infiltration, Catchment, Distribution

Learn site-specific solutions for the practical application of various rainwater harvesting strategies and techniques. From above ground cisterns, gravity-fed distribution, active irrigation systems, and passive earthworks, discern how to integrate multiple strategies into complex (not complicated!) and resilient water systems. Shades of Green Permaculture will discuss specific projects they have designed and installed throughout the Southeast, both rural and urban solutions, and what we have learned in the process.

With climate chaos making rain fall unpredictable at best, we need to employ multi-strategy approaches to harvesting, distributing, and infiltrating the water we do get. Participants will gain an understanding of how to design practical rainharvesting systems that address common site-specific design constraints and the reasoning that leads to choosing one strategy over another, and how to integrate multiple strategies. This class will look at case studies of our decade of experience working in and around the Southeast. A mix of lecture and discussion, this workshop will empower folks with the tools to make informed water management decisions. Without water, there is nothing.

Presented By: Brandy Hall