Permaculture Magazine, North America

For the past 24 years our mother magazine, Permaculture Magazine, has been a bestselling green magazine in Britain and around the world. Maddy and Tim Harland co-founded it in 1992 and have since then built it into an incredibly influential reserve of practical permaculture information.

With the ever-growing interest in sustainable living, we all knew it was time to expand the network of this permaculture inspiration to North America “officially”. Maddy and Tim have been expanding their efforts worldwide for quite some time now, but didn’t have anyone actually on the ground here to move things forward. That’s where Permaculture, North America comes in! We are so excited to start the first off-shoot of Permaculture, and will be publishing the first issue of Permaculture, North America in the spring of 2016!

We will be launching a version of the magazine that will focus on issues relating specifically to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Following in the steps of Permaculture, the new version will offer high-quality educational articles,  reader solutions, examples of permaculture successes, connections to local workshops, and advertisements from regional businesses that operate from a triple-bottom line.

We like to think of Permaculture, North America working as a mycelial network does. Mycelium provides a way for fungi to connect and communicate with each other, offering support, even when they are very far apart. PMNA will be precisely that. It will be a networking force that connects people and communities across the continent to enable the greater Permaculture Movement to thrive and flourish.