Kids Village

How many times have you or someone you know had to stay home from an important event because there was “no one to take care of the children”, or they were no places for them to be accepted, honored and integrated? Our community is missing something important when we leave the children at home.

Who do we work for, if not the future world and the children who will inherit it?

To honor our commitment to future generations, the Convergence will be providing FREE CHILD CARE, as well as offering a variety of interactive games and activities designed to connect children with nature and their creative brilliance, while providing them with opportunities to create a positive impact on the Earth.



We will be offering free childcare for toddlers and preschoolers; and supervised activities for school-aged children on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the following times:

* 8:45 – 12:45 pm

* 1:45 pm -5:45 pm

Our Childcare Coordinator Diana Young wants to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your children. Please fill out this google form to provide her with some basic information about your children as soon as possible. If you have any questions please email Diana: dyoung or call 415-902-8141.

Kids Village – By Circle of Children

945713_10151529132876304_1308522220_n (1)-1We are excited to be bringing our dear friends from Circle of Children to be offering a Kids Village at this year’s Convergence – a fun, safe, engaging, and educational space for children, youth, adults and people of all ages to expand their minds, bodies, and hearts.

Circle of Children is an Oregon-based nonprofit organization, whose mission is to create enriched environments that empower youth through nature connection, self discovery, community building, and collaborative service-learning projects that promote a healthy and thriving planet. Their purpose is to restore balance between the natural and human ecosystems, by providing the next generation with opportunities to learn and grow in an environment that fosters deep connection, respect, and reverence for ourselves, our community, and the earth. They offer all of their programs and services as a free resource, in alignment with their values of building community ties through a culture of gift-giving.


Activities to Include


Wildflower Seed Balls

Creating wildflower seed balls with Circle of Children is a fun, interactive, and educational experience for children of all ages! Children will be invited to come together in a circle and get their hands in the earth as they roll up marble-sized seed balls made of wildflower seeds, compost, clay and water. This activity encourages children to be good stewards of the earth and instills in the hearts and minds of many that we are empowered to change the world through creative and collective action. Just think, together we could reestablish a healthy population of honeybees throughout the west coast, by engaging thousands of children in a movement to plant native wildflowers!

Youth Empowerment Workshop (For Ages 12-24)

This youth empowerment workshop invites young people to explore their inherent gifts and how they can develop them to become active leaders for positive change within themselves, their community, and the world at large. It provides an opportunity for youth to come together with open hearts in circle, while encouraging deep listening, heartfelt communication, and sharing of our inner wisdom. For Youth/Young Adults 12-24 years old. This workshop is facilitated by Blackhorse Shasta, youth mentor and founder of the nonprofit organization called Circle of Children.

Intergenerational Art Murals

Collective Painting For All Ages! Children and adults of all ages are invited to come paint a collective art mural with Circle of Children! They will be providing the paint, paint brushes, and a large canvas with a design ready to be filled in with all of the colors of the rainbow. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to express themselves creatively!

Play It Forward

Play it Forward is an interactive game that generates simple acts of kindness. Players spin the wheel and receive a token with a simple act of kindness that can be done for oneself, the environment, or for another. Once a player has successfully performed their act, they pass their token onward and invite the next person to “play it forward!” Just imagine, one spin of the wheel could ripple out to create thousands of acts of kindness! This game is sure to ignite the playful spirit of the child, while connecting hearts and engaging community.

Galactivation Smoothies

There is nothing better than kids coming together to make a super-powered smoothie! Kids help make organic smoothies while learning about healthy eating choices they can make every day, all while being nourished and rejuvenated after a long day in the sun! Come learn, engage, create, and taste for yourself!

Arise With Circle of Children

Wake up in the morning like you never have before. Let’s honor this amazing day we have been gifted with gratitude, joy, and celebration.


Support Our Free Child Care & Kids Village Program!

5fav (1)Our friends at the West Coast Women’s Permaculture Gathering have a deep commitment to children and are spearheading the campaign to make the convergence accessible to folks who have a primary commitment to their children. This is why we are aiming to  raise $5000 to provide FREE  Permaculture-Based Child Care on site for during the Convergence for all who need it.

Often people cannot afford the cost of the convergence or events like it, and the cost of childcare, if they even have quality childcare they can access. Let’s pull together to integrate parents and their children at the the Convergence, and make sure that no one opts out because there’s “no one to take care of the children.”

As Brandi Mack, mother of three says,

“If the children aren’t in the room, we aren’t creating a regenerative system.” And if we are not creating a regenerative system, we are not practicing permaculture.


Thank you for understanding how important it is to support our youngest community members and their parents.